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The National Kidney Foundation mourns the loss of Glenna Shapiro--leader, friend and mentor extraordinaire. Thousands of patients, professionals, kidney donors and recipients benefitted from her vision, grace, compassion and expertise. For decades, Glenna used all of her many resources and contacts to help the NKF of Arizona.  Glenna's dedication was evident through the many innovative programs she initiated to help generate public awareness while educating and supporting the kidney community. She led by example, motivating NKF staff around the country to meet new challenges, expand the scope of the organization and spread the word.


Many thanks to you, Larry and Glenna's family, for the lovely tribute you
have sent on the blog. The pictures are great and remember that you all
are lucky to have your parents for such a long time in your lives. The
whole ordeal has been a nightmare for all their family and friends and
will be very hard to ever forget. I am a old NPHS friend and remember
the fun times we had. Sincerely, Skiz Pool O'Hair '50

Glenna and I have been out of touch in recent years  since we both retired from the National Kidney Foundation,  She was one of my favorite people in the NKF.  We worked closely together for many years, sharing ideas and successes. She was always a pleasure to work with.
With Glenna's guidance we copied her success with the  Phoenix Authors Luncheon.   We followed every step of the format she and the Women's Board had developed to make the Phoenix Authors Luncheon such a phenomenal success.   As a result, the San Francisco Authors Luncheon is now planning it's 24th Annual event in November.    We could never have done it without Glenna's guidance and support. 
Barbara Hofstein


Dr. Lawrence Shapiro was the father of Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) and its guiding light for more than three decades.  
Founded in 1979 and led by Dr. Shapiro, the company’s mission was to review the quality and utilization of health care services provided to Medicare beneficiaries in the state of Arizona.  Due to Dr. Shapiro’s remarkable networking capabilities and relationships, HSAG expanded into the states of Florida and California serving Medicare, and 14 other states serving Medicaid patients.   
Dr. Shapiro started the organization with just four employees who have remained close to him.  With more than 500 employees, HSAG is now one of the leading health care quality organizations in the United States.
Throughout the company’s growth, Dr. Shapiro always kept its focus squarely on one thing. As staff discussed planned strategies, he would bring the conversation back to a simple question: “Is this the best thing for the patient?” It is HSAG’s goal to keep that essential question at the forefront of all its future work.
And with his continued guidance from the heavens above, we will try to follow in the footsteps of our beloved and respected leader with all of the wisdom, gentleness, caring, kindness, generosity and love that he shared daily with us. 
Health Services Advisory Group


These photos were taken in San Francisco at the 50th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, 1987.  When it came time to walk the bridge, with hundreds of thousands of others, Glenna asked if they could pay extra NOT to get up at 4:00 AM to begin walking!

We visited many Baltic countries and on the last night, we had a party to show off our favorite purchases from the trip. Glenna decided to enter her long lost Johansen Family heirloom silver pierced spoon, in the "Most Useful" category. She suggested that it might be a nut server, or an Ophtamologist's tool. Larry thought she just might pull it off. 

These are photos taken sometime around 1997 at a family brunch.  Barry Shapiro was still alive. (May he rest in peace.) And BJ Shapiro was a young bachelor.  Susan was there, too.  Even our never-before-and-never-again blonde son, Gary Davidson got to get to know his Shapiro cousins.  Thank goodness for these kinds of memories. We'll never be able to relive them...except in our hearts and minds.

What an incredible loss.....

Larry's First Cousin, Gladys is now 93.  She is the last living member of Larry's generation.  Her Mother, Jeanette, and Larry's Father, Sam, were sister and brother. The whole Shapiro family attended Gladys Greene's 80th Birthday Party, November 2, 1998.  Here are pictures of Glenna and Larry and their family. And a group shot of the Sam and Jeanette branch of offspring...except Susan Shapiro.


I know Glenna only as a frequent visitor to our ward congregation.  One of my favorite memories is watching her at church wrangle a large diaper bag full of books and toys with Scarlett content on her lap while Anneliese taught a lesson.  I will always remember feeling so grateful that my friend could have that child, and that Glenna could be their grandma.  I could feel the love, tenderness, and quiet joy that shone on Glenna’s face.  When I saw Glenna and Lawrence with their family I could just feel them cherish each moment.    I am so sorry for your great loss;  for every birthday, every loving look, every gift that would have been thoughtfully made or given, every stroke of the hair, every kind word only a grandma and grandpa can give, every little hand that will need holding for years to come.  Yes, this loss is great.  Our prayers and hope for the Spirit’s peace which passes  all understanding be upon all of you.
Jennifer Ashworth

Larry and Glenna were neighbors of ours for 4 years, all of you children were quite small, but I remember  you so well.  I have lost my daughter Joni  and my       husband(jim) in the past several years, but  will   never forget your parents  as very loving and caring people . loving neighbors.
My God always hold all of you close to his heart and know he will help you through these very hard days.
With love to all of you    Barbara Rule

Phoenix, AZ

Dear Family of Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro,
I have never formally met Glenna, but I feel like I know her. My name is Karny Stefan and through the experience of being a kidney donor, I found my way onto the board of the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona last year. Glenna’s name surfaces in every board meeting relative to something we are doing … “oh, that was launched when Glenna was CEO” … “they are friends of Glenna’s and love this cause” … “we can thank Glenna for starting that program” etc. She made such a difference in the lives of people suffering from this terrible disease and her mark will last for decades.

My thoughts and prayers are will all of you.

With deepest sympathy,
Karny Stefan
Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation


Our deepest and most heartfelt sympathy for the tragic loss of your beautiful parents.  My husband, Bill, went to grammar school and high school with Larry and I met Glenna through the symphony and ARCS women's group. They will be missed by the entire community.  They made a lasting impression and positive contribution wherever they went.  They will be remembered and missed by all who had any contact in their lives.

Best regards

Terry and Bill Wilhoit


As the public relations person on AKF's working board many years ago, I worked in tandem on this board of AKF with Glenna for over eight years. Even my then very young son, now 35, remembers me "talking about her for years." She was selfless in her dedication to Arizona's kidney patients, creating fundraisers for the then much ignored polycystic kidney disease people in our state, for family camps, dialysis patients, and those who needed the much sought after transplants. I saw her over the years devote more time and energy to our cause. We on the board were enlisted for many aspects of the work for patients, doctors, lawyers, accountants and to getting our news out.
         She was the classiest woman administrator I ever worked with. She donated her paycheck for AKF right back to direct patient aid. She asked all of us to do more. And for decades she kept up the impetus because she was so very aware of the need.

   I am torn apart thinking of what happened to her and to Larry. I mourn for the family and for all of us who knew and admired her, knew and loved her. She was a great lady. Not a mere wife of a doctor, not only a society lady. A great lady we were all lucky to know.

Roberta Burnett (Bender)
then owner and creative director of
Roberta Bender Communications
Tempe, AZ


Glenna changed my life--she introduced me to my live kidney donor. It will be twelve years tomorrow, and I loved her for that and many other things. Larry and Glenna are in my heart forever.


In 1993 I met Barry Shapiro and he stole my heart.  Little did I know at the time that I would become part on the elegant and graceful family of Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro.  They were so warm and kind, always including us and my children in family meals, celebrations and holidays.  Their Christmas Eve parties were legendary.  Later when Barry was suddenly taken from us, my world collapsed.   We were all so devastated with Barry’s loss but Larry and Glenna never stopped helping me despite their pain.  Still years later, after God brought another wonderful man into my life, we still kept in touch.  Not as much as I would have like.  These pictures are of the Shapiro brothers in happier times.  I just love them all.  God did not give us the vocabulary to express this kind of sorrow because our hearts would be so permanently broken.  We ask that God give us some peace because we can never understand this tragedy.

Barbara Shapiro Magnino


To Glenna's and Larry's families:

There are no adequate words to express the feelings that the loss of your parents has created in me.  Though I was not a close personal friend, as so many of the respondents have been, their loss has left a void in my life that may never be filled.

I was given Glenna's name as a contact to interview when I was exploring the possibility of shifting from for-profit, corporate work to nonprofit as a career.  The interview was scheduled, as a favor to a mutual friend, and Glenna met with me in late 1999 to discuss my thoughts and feelings about working in nonprofit.

There was no job.  The purpose of the interview was informational and Glenna was very personable, friendly, kind, and generous in allotting me the time to ask my questions.  Near the end of the interview, she asked me how I felt about working in an office full of women.

I laughed, since I am married and have 3 daughters, two female dogs and a bird whose orientation is questionable to this day.  "Home movies," I replied.

She then created a position for me, on the spot, as Director of Special Projects, and cautioned me to learn to live with the fact that my desk would NEVER be clear of work at the end of the day.

She mentored me.  She coached me.  She edited me, which I hated, but we joked about it.  She allowed me to try out my NEW ideas on her.  Usually her response was, "Well, I tried that once about 7 or 8 years ago, and it didn't really work, but feel free to give it a shot."

She welcomed me.  She allowed me to grow,and for the next 5-plus years I learned about every aspect of nonprofit work.  I ended my career there as Director of Planned Giving and Grants and have gone on to serve other agencies in the state using the knowledge that I gained from her.

I grew to care for her deeply, and even though she was sometimes a real taskmaster, I respected her commitment to the mission and the vision of the Arizona Kidney Foundation.  And we had fun together:  I started referring to her as SWMBO, short-hand for "She Who Must Be Obeyed," a theft from a classic PBS program.  I've not met many other bosses who would comfortably allow such irreverence from the staff.

She was also invariably kind to my children when they would come to visit - I have twin daughters, and we often had conversations about the ups and downs of raising twins.  One of them reminded me the other day that every time she went to the office Glenna would give her candy and fuss over her - and she thought that Glenna was actually Glinda The Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz.

I cried too.

I have but one wish:  eternal rest and peace for Glenna and Larry.

Please know how much my heart goes out to all of you, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.  My family and I all wish for peace in your hearts.

Alexander "Sandy" Dominick


Glenna and Larry: such a beautiful, loving couple, so warm and kind in every way. Whenever I saw Glenna at the opera office, or board meetings or performances, her grace and elegance always struck me. She was always so supportive and intelligent, so kind and compassionate. I know everyone who was ever touched by them must be feeling the same as I do..a complete and utter heartbreak.

Laura Schairer

I have just learned of the tragic and untimely deaths of Larry and Glenna Shapiro. Dr. Shapiro has been a trusted friend, mentor, and supporter of Arizona Foundation for Eye Health (AFEH)  since its' founding. My heart is heavy with sadness that such a fine and loving couple should perish in this fashion. I am just one in thousands that Larry found time to support in our Arizona Community. As a fine physician; as founder of Health Services Advisory Group; as a wonderful friend.... always with a twinkle in his eyes;  he will be missed, but remembered fondly, by so many who knew his gentle manner. My life was enhanced by knowing and interacting with him for so many years.
Larry was the first person I phoned to announce the acceptance of the long awaited Medicare Provider enrollment for AFEH. We had worked many years on accomplishing this goal, together.
I had just recently met Glenna at intermission at the Phoenix Symphony, after many years of admiration from afar. What wonderful work she accomplished with the Arizona chapter of the Kidney Foundation. Her career was filled with awesome accomplishments and provided a legacy which has helped tens of thousands in Arizona community. 
On behalf of the Board of Governors of Arizona Foundation for Eye Health, we bid Larry and Glenna Shapiro a fond adieu. 
With a saddened heart,
Abby B. Guiver

Arizona Foundation for Eye Health (AFEH)
Post Script
This message expresses the sentiments of Jack O. Sipperley, M.D. CMO/AFEH, also. Dr. Sipperley  worked closely with Dr. Shapiro, both enjoying him as a friend and a close colleague, for many years.


The Shapiros and National Kidney Foundation of Arizona

For the past five decades, Glenna and Lawrence have been very active and prominent figures in charitable and cultural activities in Arizona. Glenna was the longest tenured Executive Director at the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona (formerly Arizona Kidney Foundation), leading the organization for nearly 30 years.  Her passion for helping Arizonans with kidney disease helped to raise millions of dollars in aid, which assisted thousands of individuals and families.  She continued to support NKF AZ after retiring, attending fundraisers, serving on the Board as Emerita and advocating for patient programs.


To the entire Shapiro family.

Larry and Glenna were among our most treasured friends. Their intelligence, grace, generosity of spirit and dedication to the community enriched our lives beyond measure. This senseless tragedy leaves us profoundly shocked and saddened beyond words. May their souls be bound together in eternal life and may the entire Shapiro family be comforted in the knowledge of how beloved Larry and Glenna were.

Joined together in sadness,

Joel Revzen
Principal Conductor, Arizona Opera


As a fourteen year old girl I watched my best friend's mom and always wanted to be just like her.  She was tall, thin, beautiful, and very glamorous.  She was often dressed up in fancy gowns to go to a charity or social event.  Her husband was a doctor - tall, handsome, and had the kindest face of anyone I had ever known. I spent a good part of my teens at their beautiful home.  I remember Glenna would always serve us food to snack on, but she never handed us a plate of cookies, it was always a beautiful tray with exotic cheeses, crackers, fruit, or whatever and it was always arranged so elegantly.  Everything she did was elegant. I remember her always making me feel like I was important.

Because my best friend had two younger brothers, they always took me on their family vacations.  We spent a week in Colorado in a wonderful cabin overlooking Trout Lake.  Every trip I took with them was incredible.  One year we flew to Durango Colorado and stayed at this amazing resort called Tammaron (while we were there they were filming a movie with Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow) and skied all week at Purgatory.  Another time we spent two weeks in Kona.  Again, every trip was over the top and more extravagant than I had ever experienced.  Glenna was always busy working for the Kidney Foundation and I believe it was all volunteer work.  She was not only beautiful, but she was so unselfish.   I've kept in touch over the years, but wish I had done a better job.   I  sent them an  invitation for Jenny's wedding, just to let them know. They live in Phoenix and the reception was in Salt Lake City.  At Jenny's reception Glenna walked in.   I was surprised to see her and said, "What are you doing here?"   she said, "You invited me, I have an invitation, I can go to my car and get it for you."  

My parents were friends with Glenna in high school and stayed friends.  Glenna used to talk about my mom beating her out at Homecoming Queen in high school.  Dr. Shapiro was my grandmother's doctor and I remember my grandmother telling me how she just loved him and thought he was so handsome.
 (Glenna is on the left and my mother is on the right)

They were taken from us yesterday.  I can't begin to imagine what their three children are going through.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.


  1. From Barb:
    My heart goes out to the family. My parents knew your parents from way back when (1960s). It is such a sad time & hard to grasp for all. May you know that you are all in our hearts and prayers through such a hard time.
    Barb Isaacson-Pell

  2. Wow, what a privilege it must have been to know such sweet people.
    After reading the story in the news and coming to this site you can see what wonderful people they were and the amazing impressions they made on those around them. Gives me notice to be a better person, not many people actually walk the walk like these two.
    God bless them and your beautiful family, prayers.

  3. Reading of your parents and grandparents I was compelled to offer my condolences. In our world of chaos these are the upstanding people one should be happy to meet and to know. What an incredible legacy they were able to leave behind that hopefully will be a solace to all of your family and their close friends as time goes on and the world moves forward. I will never understand how those who lived such generous, good and gracious lives can be taken in such a way as this. I am sorry for your (and all of our) loss. God's peace and blessings be with you as you endure this tragedy.

  4. Leslie Bowdoin James, PhoenixFebruary 3, 2012 at 3:24 PM

    To the Jones and Shapiro families: We are so sorry for your loss. I remember Glenna from church - my mom, Bobbie Bowdoin, always spoke so highly of her over the years. It is a terrible sadness to lose a family member, but to lose them to murder is unconscionable. My dad (Dean Bowdoin) and I wish your families the peace and comfort that we know Glenna and Larry would want you to have.

  5. To the Shapiro family, friends, neighbors, and all who crossed their paths:

    May your extraordinary loved ones be defined and remembered for the way they loved and lived.

    May you find a warm embrace and a soft spot to land within the comfort of those who love you.

    And, may your memories of Glenna and Larry bring sweet smiles, reflective glances, strength and courage as you grieve their loss.

    With love and peace,
    Catherine and Jeff Genzler

  6. To the Jones and Shaprio families:

    I am grieving over the loss of two of the most wonderful people I have been privileged to know.

    Glenna was my "hero". She was my Sunday School teacher and I wanted to grow up and be just like her. It broke my heart when she married Larry because I thought I would never see her again. But, after I married and had three small children she entered my life again and became my mentor. Often times she and her three children sat on the pew infront of me and my three children at during church services. If one of my children acted up during the servicesces, she would reach back and lift the offending child over the pew and settle him in her lap. It didn't take long for my eldest son to realize this was an option and I believe he would act up just so he could sit on this beautiful woman's lap.

    I admired her for the kindness she showed to every one. The love she gave me and the encouragement she offered are priceless. I extend my love to the Jones and Shapiro families at this time. The sadness we all feel is overwhelming. I pray for your failies to receive the comfort that is so needed at this time. They are with our Father in Heaven and I am sure they are watching over you at this time.

    With love,
    Judi and Fred Allen

  7. Utah's desert bloomed like a rose upon the arrival of Glenna and Larry. Our true gentleman and his adventurous elegant mate loved us like family, as they did everyone they encountered. Such a rare genuine devotion is seldom matched in a union as theirs. They have left us with the finest legacy anyone would hope to leave. Goodness for others, civility, steady quiet strength, love of traditions, honor to heritage.

    We love you always and cherish those you cherished.
    Richard and JoAnn Frost Family

  8. Though Glenna had retired before my tenure with NKF AZ, without her many years as Executive Director, I'd never have had the wonderful experience of working with kidney patients and the larger renal community. I had met Glenna at only a few events but her poise made her immediately recognizable to this kidney rookie. For all of us who work so hard on behalf of the communities we serve, I believe the best way to honor Glenna and Lawrence’s philanthropic legacy is by letting it inform and strengthen all that we do from this day forward.

    With deepest sympathy,

    Angelo and Debbie Accomazzo

  9. Dear Shapiro Family:

    Reading the stories of your parents lives and the many they touched brings tears to my eyes. Today at the gym, I overheard some men talking about the tragedy and it again seemed fresh in my mind. I did not know your parents, but I feel I do per the loving memories that so many shared with them.

    May you be richly blessed during this difficult time. I am sure you will always hold on to the magical memories that you had with them and that they shared with the world. Their memories will be a reminder to live well and therefore, I will.



  10. For the last four years I served on the Arizona Opera Board of Trustees with Glenna. She was a vital force on our board, someone I admired for her courage to eloquently speak her mind, and someone with a wonderfully kind spirit and an ability to make each of us feel valued in some special way.

    I shared the joy of Madama Butterfly with Larry and Glenna on January 27, all of us returning on January 29 for a second performance, because we just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful production. On the last day of their lives they were full of joy, radiating their characteristic passion for beautiful music and good friends. I had the longest conversation I had ever had with Larry that afternoon, discussing the Butterfly performance.

    Although my friendship with Glenna and Larry was brief compared with many friends and family, our time together touched me deeply. I have struggled to try to make some sense of their tragic deaths, talking about it at length with my own family, but not finding any answers. To the family of Glenna and Larry I offer my sincerest condolences and a fervent wish that you may find some peace in knowing how very beloved and influential these two people were to so many in our community.

    Sharon Landis

  11. Dear Susan, David and Steven,

    We were shocked and saddened to learn of your tragic loss and extend our heartfelt condolences to you and your families.

    Being a contact for Glenna and Larry,’53, at Stanford University was a true pleasure. When visiting Paradise Valley, they warmly welcomed us into their home to share a glass of wine and reconnect. Their hospitability and commitment to the many communities they loved was inspiring. We will remember them at Larry’s upcoming ’60th undergraduate reunion and always.


    Julia Hartung and Jen Judas
    Stanford University