Sunday, February 12, 2012

Family Was Everything

 As so deservingly noted, Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro were philanthropists, patrons of the cultural arts, founders and contributors to great humanitarian causes.  Lawrence was a noted medical doctor; Glenna a remarkable educator.  Both were accomplished organizational executives and each was loved and admired by a large community of employees, co-workers, fellow patrons, church members, neighbors, and life-long friends.  To her four siblings however, Glenna was additionally our beautifully wise, tenderly caring, loving mentor and sister.  Larry was our gently humorous, profoundly thought stimulating, personally attentive medical care-giver, brother-in-law and treasured friend.
For the last 10 or so years, Glenna and Larry have gracefully fallen into the role of matriarch and patriarch to a large, supportive extended family now numbering 76+ members.  This family, for many years gathered each summer for a California beach reunion, and every November for an Arizona Thanksgiving.  The Thanksgiving reunions continue as extended family across the United States and internationally gather in person or in their hearts to share gratitude for among many things, their strong family bond.  No one is estranged.  No one is excluded.  The joys and accomplishments of one are celebrated by all.  Sorrows and disappointments are shared concerns.  Glenna and Larry made it a priority to open and welcome family into their Paradise Valley home and to their more recently acquired home in Salt Lake as well.  Their very personalities uplifted our spirits.  They were fun loving, adventurous, always interested, and had a gift for making each family member –including nieces, nephews, spouses, children – as though they were the most important individual in their presence. Among all their highly recognized roles and positions, none was more important or filled with more loving devotion by this beautiful couple than their esteemed place among family. 
In a world where many have forgotten …the extraordinary significance of marriage and family was not lost to Glenna and Larry.  It is impossible to begin to suggest how greatly their loss is felt by the family they loved.   One thing is quite certain however, we will go forward in loving devoted support to one another, encouraging each to benefit from the amazing example of loving service Glenna and Larry have  set, and striving to fortify our hope and faith that we will one day be forever reunited with the family we love.   

Contributed by:  Glenna’s 4 siblings, Deen, Marva, Tom and Ron

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